Sunday, October 8, 2017

Musculoskeletal Injuries : Wait and see what happens or go to a Chiropractor

Over the years I have seen patients with many types of injuries.  Every injury is at a different stage in the healing process. The faster you receive treatment, the faster you will heal. An acute injury can lead to a chronic condition if you wait and do nothing and may lead to loss of mobility, flexibility, strength, muscle tone, and even affect your comfort level will your daily activities.  

If you have any questions about an injury, please consider having it evaluated by a chiropractor.  We may not be able to help all injuries, but as a chiropractor I have been well trained to evaluate, diagnose and recommend care for most muscle, joint, ligament and nerve related issues. We offer chiropractic care, K-Laser therapy, massage and acupuncture. 

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