Wednesday, February 10, 2016

CAUTION! Laser pain therapy CLINICS with NO DOCTOR?

Over the last few years laser pain therapy has become more and more popular.  Laser pain therapy is very effective in relieving pain and helping patients function. Many laser pain centers have sales people and NOT PHYSICIANS giving patients medical advice on whatever health challenge they may be facing. I have personally witnessed laser office owners, sales people, and even staff ; give patients advice on treatment recommendations, looking at x-rays or MRIs acting as a Physician.  Please avoid these offices as they have no medical degree.  They will usually have a medical director who is a physician put his or her name on the business, but are never in the office and therefore you never meet with a doctor.  
There are many great offices who have actual Physicians that do a complete case history, examination, and review any significant diagnostic imaging before they recommend any treatment.  After a physician reviews your case and gives you recommendations it is then ok for another staff member to use the laser.  Here at La Starza Wellness you will always see a Medical Doctor and/or a Chiropractor before any treatment is recommended.
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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Laser pain care in Melbourne Florida? PRP and Stem cell Injections: Does it work?

Many offices claim they use platelet rich plasma and stem cell injections to help with your pain; and some offices will even couple the injections with laser therapy.  There is no research in the United States that shows PRP and Stem cell injections help with pain relief.  You may benefit from platelet rich plasma injections ONLY IF YOU HAVE A PLATELET DEFICIENCY. Talk with your Doctor about what treatment is best for you.

La Starza Wellness uses the K-Laser and sees patients with many different health challenges.  Many people have benefited from pain relief with laser therapy, specifically K-Laser therapy.  La Starza Wellness is serving Brevard county and keeping patients free of pain with laser therapy.
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K-Laser therapy now in Rockledge Florida

La Starza Wellness is now offering K-Laser therapy.  Laser pain care in Brevard county florida now has the K-Laser.  Class 4 Laser pain relief to eliminate your pain.  If you have ever considered an alternative to surgery, or if you have had surgery, you will be happy to know that the K-Laser gets results.  Stop your pain today and call La Starza Wellness at 321-230-7071.
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