Monday, January 2, 2017

Class 4 Laser therapy vs. Cold Laser therapy

Class 4 Laser Therapy in Rockledge Florida

La Starza Wellness K-Laser Class 4 Laser therapy

There are many classes of lasers on the market today.  Class 3A lasers( also known as cold laser) have an output of 5 milliwatts (.005Watts).  It takes about 3 and a half minutes for a 5mW laser to produce one Joule of energy.  Class 3B lasers are similar except they may have multiple emitters in one applicator, thus total powers in excess of Class 3B limits without having the device to be re-classified as Class 4.  Class 3B lasers are capable of eye injury from reflection or direct viewing of the laser beam(s).

Class 4 lasers use a single emitter that exceeds 500mW.  Class 4 lasers are the highest power; so any laser above 500mW.   Here at La Starza Wellness, we use the K-Laser K-Cube.  The K-Laser K-Cube is the first patent pending therapy to incorporate up to 4 diodes that target the bodys natural light absorbing complexes.  905nm, 970nm, 660nm, and 800nm are the various wavelengths used with the K-Laser K-Cube.  We have helped many patients with their PAIN; both Chronic and acute. Call or stop by our office anytime to see if your a candidate for K-Laser K-Cube therapy.


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